Cancer and the Immune System

In cancer patients, the immune system may be compromised even before the onset of clinically detectable cancer. It is well known that chemotherapy and radiation therapy may cause damages to the immune system ranging from mild to severe in nature.  Dr. Mazlen has numerous medical treatments at his disposal to handle problems with IgG Subclass Deficiencies, decreased B-cell function, natural killer cell depletion, dysfunction and more: all of which may adversely affect the clinical outcome in cancer cases.

Dr. Mazlen has extensive clinical experience in patients with damaged and/or impaired immune systems.  Dr. Mazlen was a co-founder at the early formation of the American College of Nutrition, served as its Secretary/Treasurer, and was a long-time member of its Board of Directors.  He also serves annually as an expert lecturer on nutrition and breast cancer at the SASS Medical Research Foundation.

Dr. Mazlen has assembled a select number of items for his online store based on years of clinical experience and private practice. He only recommends supplements that he has found to be overwhelmingly effective in combating malaise, restoring vitality and strengthening the immune system.  Many patients following chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy require nutritional and supplemental support in order to restore their energy and maintain a health immune system.


Cancer and Weight Loss

Dr. Mazlen has a significant background in dealing with cancer especially as it relates to complications from the loss of appetite, weight loss with undernutrition, and even malnutrition. He was Director of Internal Medicine at the Astoria Medical Group, and chairman of the Hyperalimentation Committee at Astoria General Hospital. 

Dr. Mazlen was on the faculty of Mount Sinai Medical School for over 30 years as well as a consultant specializing in Eating Disorders to several major hospitals where he routinely encountered undernutrition and malnutrition which, in cancer patients, can adversely affect quality of life and survival rates.