Dr. Mazlen's CFS Testing Procedures

T4,Free/Total & T3U: 
Thyroid testing is used to assess thyroid dysfunction and/or thyroid disease. Direct measure of thyroxine (total & free) or triidothyronine (T3) and indirect measure of function using FT4 index or T3 uptake allow for supportive evidence of clinical findings.

Elevated thyroid stimulating hormone, now referred to as Thyrotropin is useful in the determination of primary thyroid disease and is found elevated in 95% of hypothyroid patients.

Anti-thyroglobulin AB (ATA): 
Autoantibody directed against a protein produced by thyroid cells. Positive in chronic thyroiditis.

Anti-thyroid Perox/Microsomal ABS: 
Autoantibodies direct against the microsomal component of thyroid cells. More commonly found in chronic thyroiditis than ATA.

* This test is not to be considered as an absolute diagnostic marker for CFS. It is used merely as a diagnostic guideline to help the physician to assess the patient's condition.

Other Tests Available:

  • Amino Acid Profile - Aatron Labs
  • HHV6 Rapid Culture - Herpesvirus Diagnostics
  • Mycoplasma - Immunosciences Lab
  • Mycoplasma by PCR
  • Lyme Disease by PCR - Medical Diagnostic Labs
  • Heavy Metal Testing

CFS Radio Show Audio Files
For copies of radio transcripts, please contact Dr. Mazlen's office at 516-869-0717. Transcripts can be copied and distributed as long as Dr. Mazlen's name is not removed.