Additional Services; Medical Nutrition Counseling and Cancer Support.

Our approach at Mazlen Medical Arts, P.C. is to evaluate and strengthen the patient’s immune system in its entirety. We focus on a variety of factors that impact the immune system, such as:

  • Poor nutrition, including lack of vitamins and minerals
  • High stress levels
  • Chronic infections
  • Heavy metal toxicity

The practice provides support treatments for many types of cancer, especially colon, breast, lung and prostate cancers. Patients include those who are preparing to start chemotherapy and/or radiation; others who have already finished a conventional course of chemotherapy and/or radiation; and those with a history of cancer who want to prevent recurrence.

When meeting with a patient with cancer, we discuss traditional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Then we ask whether he or she is currently utilizing alternative or complementary approaches. We also discuss nutritional supplements, detoxification and related issues. Our immune-system strengthening treatment program includes:

  • An individualized dietary program;
  • An individualized oral nutritional supplement program;
  • Intravenous nutritional supplementation;
  • Detoxification